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Residential Moving with Applegate

Central New Jersey Residential Moving CompanyMoving can be a very stressful experience. At Applegate Moving and Storage, we are here to make your residential moving experience as stress free as possible. We are a full service Ocean and Monmouth County moving company and are licensed to perform both local and interstate moves.

Our professional sales and moving staff will help you plan to execute your move properly and make your relocation as easy as possible. We only employ the finest personnel and supervision
with years of experience.

Move Types
Not all moves are the same. Moves are generally classified as local, intrastate, or interstate depending on distance, and each type has unique features and components.

Local moves
A local move is a move within a 50-mile radius of your current residence within the same state.
This type of move is usually the easiest to perform. They can often be performed within a few hours or a day (depending on size of the move) and are priced based on hours of work and driving distance.

Intrastate moves
An intrastate move is a move over 50 miles from your current residence within the same state. They operate like a local move, but usually require moving the goods a longer distance.

Interstate moves
An interstate move is a move to another state. These long distance moves are usually more complex and require an added level of sophistication and professional processes. Interstate moves often require long transportation time line, and the move costs are based on household goods weight and distance moved.

Applegate is an experienced and professional long distance moving company.

International Moves
An international move is a move to a new country. These can often be the most challenging, with a long list of requirements, processes, and hand –holding. Fortunately, the Applegate team has the expertise to seamlessly walk you through the entire international moving process.

The timing of your move
The timing of your move is extremely important and requires great attention to detail. Do you have to be out before the closing? Does your building have time restrictions? Are you closing on two homes in one day? When you speak to your sales representative, let them know about any questions and concerns that you may have on timing requirements.

The cost of your move
The cost of your move is determined by several factors

  • The type of move (local or long distance)
  • The amount and type of goods and furniture you are moving.
  • The distance of the move
  • The layout of both properties ( stairs, elevator, hills, narrow streets )
  • Your temporary storage requirements
  • Additional services ( packing, crating fine arts, pool tables, grand pianos )

Applegate Moving & Storage is your Central New Jersey Residential Moving Company for a stress-free affordable move.

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The estimate process begins with a representative from the moving company performing a physical inspection of what is to be moved, and what services are to be performed. The cost basis for the move is either hourly, or weight and mileage, depending on the move distance. Do not use a moving company that will not do an estimate in person. This will only create problems on moving day.

Packing, crating, appliance service, taking down chandeliers are a few of the additional services you may require. For more information, you should speak to your sales representative for their recommendations.